Threats in Kuiburi national park

Threats in Kuiburi national park
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  • Threats in Kuiburi national park


This study aims to describe the type and pattern of threats in Kuiburi national park. The data were collected during wildlife surveys and can be used to inform protection and 

management activities.

The results identify threats in two different habitat types, unmodified forest and converted forest. In unmodified forest the main threats found were, human tracks, poaching, human camps, NTFP collection, military activities, cattle grazing. In converted forest, illegal logging was the main threat; slash and burn practices detected from satellite images, are also affecting this type of habitat. Threats are widespread in Kuiburi national park due to the presence of local communities and agricultural areas next to the boundary of the protected area and in several cases inside it. This is especially true in the ecological corridor between Kuiburi and Kaeng Krachan national parks, where law enforcement activities cannot be fully implemented, not being the area classified as a national park.

Keywords: Threats, Kuiburi national park